John's Guide to Coda
When to use Coda

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Start simple by organizing your meeting notes and 1:1s in Coda
Coda docs aren't just for taking notes. They're more like virtual symposiums: inclusive, interactive spaces for your attendees to write, brainstorm, be heard, and make decisions together.
Managers like Jenny Emick, Design Lead at Square, use Coda to track career goals and record 1:1 notes with her direct reports with this . Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, built this to show how he runs with a fully distributed team.

Meeting templates you can start with:

How to run great meetings with Coda

1) Create a Section in your doc for meeting notes

Sections and folders let you organize your doc so it's easy to find the information you need. You can think of these as combining tabs in a spreadsheet or bringing together multiple docs into one place. Navigate to the left toolbar to add a new section, and start writing meeting notes in the canvas. See more information on Sections and Folders

2) Run efficient meetings with sentiment and topic voting trackers

Take your meeting to the next level by adding tables to upvote agenda topics or poll the sentiment of the group. We've included easy to use in-doc templates to show you how this can be done. Click on the plus
in the top navigation bar > show templates> search voting. Or simply type a backslash into the canvas and search for in-doc templates. In the example below, votes are sorted by popularity making it easy to address important topics and reach consensus faster during meetings. Check out this on how to use in-doc templates.

3) Use collapsible content to keep notes organized

Collapse any text header, table or view and make it easy to organize meeting notes by topic and date. Here's an within your meeting notes:
Screen Recording 2020-03-13 at 05.20 PM.gif

4) Send a meeting summary directly from Coda

Send an email directly from a doc with a push of a button. This is great for emailing meeting summaries to a group. Follow this guide to set up the and check out the video below to see how you can set this up in your doc!

Want to print your doc?
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