How to make your standing meetings better
A doc to optimize and automate that regular meeting you have
Joe DiMento

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This doc started with an observation - in so many recurring meetings (executive staff meetings, working team standing meetings), there's too much talking, too little actual deliberation and action.

Worse, some of the great ideas, and important next steps, are lost in a sea of meeting notes with no structure, or worse, are never captured at all.

This doc solves for that. To make it your own, click the buttons in the data sections to delete the existing data in the doc, and customize.

1️⃣ What's the point of this meeting anyway?

2️⃣ Pre-work matters

3️⃣ The group - not the loudest person in it - decides the discussion

4️⃣ Action Items only matter if they're "Actioned"

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