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How To Use This Doc

Here's how you can customize this doc to support your own event planning!

🏠 What this doc includes:

: The landing page for your event, that includes key details like event date and location, expected attendees and honorees.
: Get a quick glimpse at your team’s progress, what tasks remain open and where risks are emerging.
: Keep track of event updates, priorities and key decisions made during team meetings.
: Each team (e.g., the and
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) can stay on top of their work with their dedicated spaces to track progress on open items.
: The event is finally here. Here’s a page you can use to identify specific times certain tasks should be accomplished.
: You can utilize this section to customize this doc to fit your needs.
: This table drives this template, so navigate here if you want to make changes to the tasks; e.g., add or remove tasks, adjust due dates, or owners.
: Here are some of the other tables you can customize, including status, team names or event honorees.

📄 Use this Coda doc to plan your event:

To use this template, simply
Copy this doc
To customize this doc with your own specific data:
Head over to and .
Clear the data within each table by clicking on their corresponding red Delete buttons.
Clear the entire template by clicking here
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Then hide this page.

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