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Event Planning with Coda

Planning an event doesn't have to be overwhelming! Plan and execute a personal or professional event with this customizable Coda doc.

Planning a successful event is no easy feat.

Regardless of the event size or scope, event planning requires a structured plan to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.
: Strategic planning on event goals, tasks and timelines
: Coordinating with teams to set and meet deadlines
: Executing flawlessly so attendees have an amazing experience

A critical factor to planning an event is ensuring our team has a clear plan so they can work together on getting everything done in time.

Effective alignment and communication is essential to a successful event, regardless of whether you’re:
Evaluating venues
Engaging with stakeholders
Running the event check-in table,
Take an annual fundraising dinner that a school or organization runs. It may just be 1 day...but usually requires 3-6 months of active planning.

But typically, we try to recycle an old project plan, schedule too many team meetings...and hope nothing slips through the cracks.

Old Excel spreadsheets, scattered Google Docs and individual to-do lists; we use a there’s got to be a better way to keep everyone aligned and enable to execute.

What if we had 1 source of truth for managing our projects and meetings, where we could collaborate in real time, and feel empowered to execute → while saving time and energy?

Coda, the all-in-one doc for teams, is tailor made for managing any project or event:
Build dashboards to stay informed on what’s important
Communicate with teammates and share feedback
Identify risks and dependencies to address before the big day

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