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About this template

I built this Coda doc with the goal of making it easier to manage the job application life cycle. This coda documents includes an form to allow standardized application intake for tracking and mapping fields to automated that will tag various fields like , , for sending or drafting
@Thank you
@Follow up (Warm)

This document is fully customizable but has been prepped with example data you can start off with. Feel free to delete the data after
making a copy of this doc
. You’ll find a “Clear Data” button on the page to easily clear out the data there.

📌 Getting started with this document :

Copy this document by clicking the “Copy Doc” button on the top right of the screen
Connect your Gmail account to this doc by clicking “Explore” in the top right ➡️ “Packs & Import” ➡️ “Gmail” ➡️ “Settings”
Review the and add or hide any columns you do not want in your intake.
Go to the and add or hide any columns you do not wish to see.
Add some test data, use your own emails to test the various buttons for sending and drafting emails (use which ever you prefer and hide the other column as needed).
are modifiable templates suitable for introductions, following up, and catching up. Integrate your Gmail account to add drafts to your inbox or send emails directly from Coda.
Navigate to the and update the body pieces as desired. Please note that the {1} formats in the body are what will be tagged in the table and you can update the /format() formula as needed to tag new elements as needed.
For a plug-and-play Cover Letter navigate to the , and then edit the > Content sections for each Topic based on the roles you are pursuing!
Review the page and update , , and based on your interests and experience.
contains a template for taking notes related to the application (click the +Add Notes button on the to generate a new page). The template also includes ending questions to ask during the interview.
For answering practice questions check out commonly asked questions in the page. Also check out to set up for STAR style questions (situation, task, actions, results).
Play around with the format and page structure as desired! You can always come back and make a new copy if you break anything too badly.

Reverse Apply

Check out the which sends results to the . This allows you to create a intake funnel for recruiters to apply to you with all of the relevant details you might need to include buttons for sending emails and some application reporting. #flipthescript

Resume Hub Template

Please also check out my for your front facing personal resume website with a bio section. The goal here is to have a unique resume that allows you to shine. Make a copy of the Resume Hub and follow the page instructions on that page!

Change Management

To assist in efforts to maintain this document over time I’m include a change management matrix for any updates that might affect page structure, button functionality, email functionality, and any other important functionality.
Check out the for a list of features and bugs/issues being tracked.
Change Management Matrix
Summary of changes
Date change made
Initial Draft Published
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About Coda:

is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. Coda comes with building blocks ー like pages, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action ー so anyone can make a doc that can evolve to feel like an app.
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