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Resume Hub Template

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Template Overview

About this template

I built this Coda doc with the the goal of having a unique resume that allows you to shine while also creating a intake funnel to #flip-the-script and allow recruiters to apply to you with all the information you might need while saving you both time.
This document is fully customizable but has been prepped with example data you can start off with. Feel free to delete the data after
making a copy of this doc
. You’ll find a “Clear Data” button on the page to easily clear out the data there.

📌 Getting started with this document :

Make a copy of the Resume Hub.
Update and personal your Resume and Bio pages. Feel free to use mine as a template!
Navigate to the and make a copy of that hub. On that hub publish and copy the Reverse Apply Form link. The Reverse Apply Form serves as a intake form for recruiters to apply to you. From there those results are tracked on the Reverse Apply Tracker page allowing you to manage, follow up, and close out applications received.
Update your LinkedIn with the Reverse Apply Link form found on the Reverse Apply Form page. You’ll need to “publish” the form, and copy the link. From there you can edit your LinkedIn profile and add the link to the “websites” section at the top of the page. See
for detailed instructions.
Update the Reverse Apply Link on the page.
Once you are ready to publish the page, hide or delete pages you don’t visible.

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