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Project Lab Report / Phase 1

This past year, The Bridge Learning Assisted School ventured into a new realm of education by combining Art and EdTech into an innovative, project-based learning stream. This report will provide a comprehensive insight into my experience as the teacher in charge of this stream, and cover the successes, challenges and outcomes of our projects. It will also delve into how has been incorporated into the classroom, how to effectively, what , wins and any we faced. By navigating through this document you can explore each of these topics in more detail.
The subject was intended to:
Allow for all learners to extend their learning and show initiative ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Open a space where it is possible for all learners to reach the base objectives and provide a unique form of feedback to build their confidence in school ⭐⭐⭐
Provide a platform for cross-subject integration ⭐
Specific objectives :

This is a set of outcomes and skills from the CAPS Robotics and Coding document, as well as Nadia Nell’s outcomes listed for 2023 in ADvTECH schools.
I have focused primarily on skills which the learners volunteered themselves, and that will fast track them to being tech-savvy adults in a working setting. Skills are split into skills cards which can be found in the .

Learners have been increasingly able to plan, initiate and execute their own projects. For time management, we have had to allow for a primary project and a supporting project. Learners with more of an inkling towards EdTech choose that with a physical, paper based component to show their brainstorming and thought processes. Learners who are more creative are able to take some time from EdTech to make more intricate and skills based projects.
The classroom culture allows for multiple projects to be in flow at the same time. I consider this ability to manage their own projects as a fundamental skill and one of the greatest successes of this program.

It was noted in the first few weeks of school that the approach to the curriculum is changing, and learners have taken strain. Art quickly became a space to shake off anxieties around assessment and to sit and quietly consolidate knowledge. Projects are no longer completed in isolation - each EdTech project has been planned on paper beforehand. Each Art project speaks to a theme which influences the paired EdTech project.

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