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January KPI Condensed Report

Monthly Report - January 2022.
Sofia Kachula

📊 OWS General Performance

OWS measures monthly ‘General Performance’ in three ways.

Measures how aware a minimally passive audience is of OWS.
Measures how much of that passive audience becomes an active audience.
Measures the opportunities that OWS offers to that active audience.

👁‍🗨 Awareness.

This subsection will measure the exposure of OWS’s social media channels and website, trying to capture how aware a minimally passive audience is.

🎙 Social Media

In the Dashboard below, monthly metrics about all OWS social media channels are shown.


Members 🔼 +8%

Total Discord Members (4016) | Month (January)

New Member Retention 🔼 +15%

Percentage of new members that still came back to the server the week after joining.


Followers 🔼 +9%

Total Twitter Followers (3539) | Month (January)

Impressions 🔽 24%

Total Impressions (4,500) | Month (January)
Impressions are the total tally of all of the times an account’s tweets have been seen, searched or interacted with.


Subscribers 🔼 +28%

Total YouTube Subscribers (138) | Month (January)

Views 🔼 +265%

Total YouTube Views (2001) | Month (January)

Impressions 🔼 +249%

Total Impressions (15,513) | Month (January)
Impressions are the total tally of all of the times an account’s tweets have been seen, searched or interacted with.


Followers 🔼 +9%

Total Medium Followers (48) | Month (January)

Reads 🔼 -33%

Total Reads (120) | Month (February)

Views 🔼 +29%

Total Views (247) | Month (January)

🖥 Website

There will be no percentage increase indices as the website has only been up for 6 weeks. This data will be included in the following months. In the Dashboard below the most relevant monthly metrics about website activity are shown.

Total Visits = 723

Page Views = 1256

Actions per Visit Average = 2.5

Measures how many clicks were made on average in one session.

Session Duration Average = 2:21

Bounce Rate Average = 46%

Represents the number of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site - in our case either the Project Dashboard or the docs.openwebsandbox.org, as they are the only other pages at this time.
The 👁‍🗨 Awareness section has shown how OWS exposes itself to a minimally passive audience to gain their awareness in two main ways:
🎙 Social Media
🖥 Website

👥 Onboarding

‘Onboarding’ measures three main steps.

The first step is measuring the Incubation of a passive (but aware from social media) audience becoming an active audience: from Discord members to Contributors.
The second step is measuring the Retention of those contributors as actively collaborating within OWS.
The third step is measuring the Conversion of how many of those actively collaborating get rewarded by OWS.

🧲 Incubation.

‘Incubation’ measures increases of active audience.

New Discord Members Becoming Contributors = 68%

New Contributors (206) / New Discord Members (304) = 0.677
This measures the passive social media audience making the first step toward becoming active audience: becoming a contributor.

Total Number of Contributors 🔼 23%

Sum of Contributors (1099) | Month (January)
These contributors must fill out our , showing active engagement with OWS.

⚓️ Retention.

‘Retention’ measures the collaborative output of an active audience.

Approved Proposals 🔼 86%

Total Approved Proposals (338) | Month (January)

DAO Proposals Approved Out of All Poposals Made = 85%

New Approved Proposals (112) / New Proposals (131) = 0.85 | Month (January)

🪙 Conversion.

‘Conversion’ measures the monthly collaborative activity (Project and OWS Opportunities) completed by newcomers.

New Contributors Submitting a Proposal = 17%

New Contributors Submitting a Proposal (36) / New Contributors (206) = 0.17
This measures the potentially collaborative audience becoming both active and collaborative.

Proposal Approval Rate for New Contributors = 72%

Approved Proposals by New Contributors (26) / New Contributors Submitting a Proposal (36) = 0.72
The 👥 Onboarding section has shown how OWS measures onboarding success by dividing the process into three steps:
🧲 Incubation measures how OWS does at attracting new members.
⚓️ Retention measures how OWS does at engaging those members.
🪙 Conversion measures how OWS does at rewarding those members.

⚒ Engagement.

This subsection will look at OWS’s engagement metrics for all OWS organised activities and opportunities.

🎤 Events.

Weekly AMAs
Tamago: The NEAR Partnered Spotify Killer
Croncat: Decentralized Automation for Smart Contracts

Monthly Party

OWS Metaverse Meetup. ()
This link can't be embedded.

🔗 Project Opportunities

Current Live Projects on Dashboard = 17

All currently available projects are available to view on our .

New Monthly Projects 🔼 5.


📁 Survey Participation.

Customer Journey Survey

Contributors Who Completed the Survey = 14%

Survey Responses (153) / Total Number of Contributors (1099) = 0.14

Total Number of Feedback from Projects = 6
The Engagement section has shown that there are multiple ways passive audiences actively engages in OWS activities.
🎤 Events
🔗 Project Opportunities
📁 Survey Participation
Thank you for your attention, from the OWS Team.
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