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Work schedule, duties and expectations

Time reporting

When working remotely, submitting a time entry should be the same as if you’re going to the office where you clock in and clock out.
During remote days, the very first thing you need to do is to send a Slack message to your supervisor that you are reporting for that day. For example:
“Hi [supervisor], I am working from 9am - 12nn today and I will be working on these x projects you assigned.”
The moment you report means you’re already checked-in on that particular time, which means that you should be 100% available in Slack so you can immediately respond whenever your supervisor sends you a message or assigns you a task.
Please note: During remote days, Make sure that your time is accurate. For example, if you report at 9am but you started at 10am, that means that 1 hour was not utilized properly. It is important that your time is accurate since this will be the basis of the amount of work you do.
Lastly, your first priority is your academic work. We want to support your academic success as well as develop your skills in the workplace. Especially during exam periods, we must be flexible to accommodate changes to work schedules. You can even ask for days off if you need to dedicate more time for school work or if you’re not feeling well or unavailable.
Suggestion: I highly suggest that you submit your Time entry at the end of the day to indicate that you’re checking out for that day. You can do this before you leave (if you’re in the office) or if you’re logging off (if you’re working remotely).
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Vacation and sick time

Full-time staff accrue paid time off. This is a walkthrough on how to submit the time in myASU.
Report your PTO requests in both:
Time and Leave Reporting
Department Time and Attendance Support (DARS)


Student employees are entitled to the following break periods:
For a 4 hour block of time, allow a 15 minute paid break
For a 6 hour block of time, allow an unpaid 30-minute lunch break
For an 8 hour work day, allow an unpaid lunch break (30-60 minutes) and two 15 minute paid breaks

Remote Working

Over the last two years, we’ve become incredibly flexible when it comes to remote work.
On the Xperience team, we encourage our team members to work remote or work from home. Communication is key for our team, which is why we can be adaptive and flexible in our approach.


I am always open to provide you more time to learn new skills, tools or technologies that will help you as a designer. Just let me know if you’re interested and we will find a way to create time and pay for the resource if needed.
It’s always a good idea to continue to learn as a designer, these are some places I find great resources and inspiration.

Sharing Designs

Step 1

Be sure all new XD documents are cloud files.


Step 2

Add my adobe account to all documents so we can access any cloud files while you might be out.

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