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Innovation Design Welcome Doc


There's a party on the second floor
Let's Get You Started
We're so excited for you to join one of the best design teams out there. You'll have your work cut out for you over the next few weeks, but not to fear - this document will be your one stop shop for information, including what you need to do, and where to go for help.
Please bookmark this page so you can easily access this document anytime. If you have any questions feel free to slack, email or call me.

Goals for the first week 🚩
First day
Tour around the office and meet the team!
Invite to access the welcome document
Review : Work schedule, duties, responsibilities and expectations
Get to know
Quick JIRA demo with the project manager (Schedule this with Nicole)
Coordinate with RTS to set up computer
Join our and create a new folder
Join all our zoom meetings for this week and next week
Install any Slack apps (Google calendar or Outlook, Jira, etc.) - contact RTS
Slack tips and tricks: Create and organize sections.
Discuss your first set of projects!
Explore our new and old projects via #XD-links channel
Explore old graphic projects in this
Get to know the
Jack tasks
Add all CC libraries
RDS Master Source Document Library
RDS Page Template Library
RDS Image Library
RDS Icon Library
RDS Illustration and Pattern Library
RDS UI backlog library
Xperience Team library
Manager’s task: Add to all Slack Channels and provide a quick overview
Add to EdPlus products
Xperience Team Google Drive
Adobe Creative Cloud
Complete - PART 1
Cross discipline team operations and processes
Unity Design System and Adobe XD updates
Deep dive:
Understand RDS (Video trainings, RDS in practice, Adding new components, Release notes)
Using RDS in XD (Video trainings, RDS CC libraries and XD plugins)
Review our detailed usage guidance (design tokens, components, sections, templates)
Get everything you need (Standards and best practices, Checklists, Resources)
List down any questions you have in preparation to our RDS workshop
Complete required trainings (Found on myASU)
Community of Care
Information Security
Workplace Behavior
Fire & Safety
Your Duty to Report
AZ Public Services Orientation
1:1 trainings (Do this with the manager):
Discuss the Xperience team web build process - part 1
Goals for the second week 🚩
Shadow Jack in meetings
Discuss the Xperience team web build process - part 2
Recommended readings
Read UX Metrics and ROI 5th edition - link will be provided
Complete - PART 2
2020 UX year in review
Intro to UX laws
UX personas and personalization
UX roles IRL
UX tools and resources
Goals for the third week 🚩
How to do a design QA test
Recommended readings
Complete - PART 3
Hotjar for beginners part 1
Hotjar for beginners part 2
Hotjar integration with Google Tag manager
Goals for the fourth week 🚩
First 30-day review (what you’ve learned so far, any blocks, opportunities, etc.)
Complete - PART 4
A/B testing update and 30 day analyses
A/B testing with Google Optimize
Building dashboards with qualitative data
Qualitative data: User testing & surveys
Presentation templates and tips
Intro to projects
The following small design projects will be based on the .
Research + Design: (new project)
Copy content to XD: (new project)
Intro to Design Q/A: (new project)
Prep and optimize assets: (new project)
Design mobile mockups (intro to responsive design): (new project)
Adding links to the XD doc: (new project)
Content QA edits / resolving comments in XD: (new project)
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