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Innovation Design Welcome Doc

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Job expectations


On the Xperience team, we do our best to create good relationships with our stakeholders and clients. It’s important to have good customer service so we keep communication open and collaborative. Below are some
Arrive on time to meetings
Work 8 hour days Monday through Friday. The goal is to complete 40 story points, so it’s not as important to clock in 8 hour days as long as the work gets done.
The dress code is business casual at home and in the office. However, when meeting with executive leadership or key partners its important to dress business professional.


On remote days be sure to be online on slack.
Please respond to slacks as soon as you can
For email, we understand it may take longer to respond to messages. The goal is to respond within 24 hours to emails.
When working remotely, please use the Slack emoji to indicate your status when you’re taking a break or lunch. Please also update your status when you’re away from your computer for extended periods of time. A good example of this is if you have a dentist appointment, change your status to something like ‘Dentist appointment’ or ‘Appointment: Will be online in an hour”.
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This is easily the most important part of the job. It’s important for us to be on the same page in order to have a cohesive team culture. If you can’t make a meeting and need to cancel, that’s okay, just communicate and collaborate on rescheduling with the project leadership team or a key stakeholder.
If you have a doctor's appointment during work hours, that’s okay. Just let me know and keep me informed.
We will never be frustrated by too much communication
If something is bothering you, please bring an frustrations or concerns to your direct supervisor so we can collaborate on a solution.

Tickets and requests

Complete work by the expected review date
When a project is complete, tag the stakeholder in Jira
Tag in Jira
Follow up in slack if there’s no response in 24 hrs
Full web process
Data layer
Design QA


Have video on for meetings. It’s okay if it’s an early morning meeting or over lunch. But expectation is to have it on most of the time
Good quality headphones with good quality audio. Feel free to work from a coffee shop, library, or another similar co-working environment, but if you have to be on a meeting try to find a quiet area with low background noise.
Daily standups are required whether they are on slack or over zoom
Sprint plannings are required
Read briefs and documents before meetings. It’s really important for us to be prepared and before our meetings which is why we should do the research before kickoffs

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