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EdPlus build process

From start to finish

As the central UX and Design team to all of EdPlus we work with a lot of different teams and disciplines. The following material covers the process a web project takes from beginning to end.
It's important to understand this process and your place in it in order to better understand your work and the process as a whole.

Key design responsibilities


Other processes


Step 1: Once the design is finished, share the deliverable (mockup, file, pdf, etc...) with the stakeholder in the corresponding JIRA ticket. Tag the stakeholder and your supervisor in a comment in the ticket.
Step 2: If the stakeholder doesn’t respond within 24 hours, send a slack message informing them there’s an update in JIRA.
Step 3: We try our best to limit our stakeholders to 2-3 rounds of feedback because any more than that can get tedious and frustrating. If they have feedback and we agree with it, we will make the changes and follow up once those are done. Once there’s no additional feedback, we package the final files and share those over either in the JIRA comments or a shared Google folder.

Style guides and theming

Web development style guides are really important to create alignment between design and development. On every project, there’s a brand and a set of guidelines we need to adhere as designers. The same is for development and it’s our job to translate those brand guidelines into development terminology.
Here are a few great articles to better understand style guides, tokens and theming.
has a lot of great resources on theming as well.
Important tokens to define:
Spacing & Padding
States & Actions
Other unique styles
Example style guide

Design QA

This is the final step in the web process outlined in the . Everytime we create a new website or make edits to an existing website, we need to ensure the quality of development matches the quality of the approved design. The approval process takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s crucial that the final product reflects our stakeholders expectations.
Design QA is where we analyze the website on a staging environment and we compare it to the design mockups or prototypes. At EdPlus, we have a functional QA team lead by that assists with the functional side of QA (bugs, glitches, etc.)
Key tips:
Remember to take screenshots of unexpected styles or behaviors
If you notice a bug, it’s best to take a screen recording and share that with development
Always test on mobile and desktop, unless the product specifies otherwise.
Example QA document


Project management tool
We use JIRA to manage projects from start to finish. We do biweekly sprints, daily standup meetings to discuss project updates, and sprint review to review any accomplishments.

Google Drive Team Folders

All project docs and files are stored in a Google Shared Drive. Join our and create a new folder for your projects and work. This is also a great place to find inspiration, other working files and resources from other team members.


We use Slack as our primary tool for communication within EdPlus and to other ASU.
We compile all our new and old projects into one repository so everyone can see what everybody’s doing. For a look at more work check out the #xd-link Slack channel.

For a more detailed look at your other co-workers or our place in the organization, you can view the company or the .

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