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Team accounts

(need to get access)
- Vector assets if needed for presentations, reports, etc.
Login: edplus
Password: RainMarkers-Xperience#1
- Icons if needed for presentations, reports, etc.
Login: edplus
Password: XperienceDesignEdPlus
- Assets if needed for mockups, presentations, videos, etc.
Login: edplusxperience
Password: Skysong1*
Fontawesome - Icons
Login: edplusxperience
Password: Skysong1*
- ASU branded photos and digital assets (log in with your ASURITE)
- Find inspiration for prints and graphics here

Brand & Design System resources


Misc. resources

Ed Plus Tech Upskilling videos are collaborative trainings sessions. For the last three years, EdPlus teams conduct an hour training that explores different topics — from UX, SEO, data, and development. Click here to learn more.
You can find more resources, ASU student employment information, and helpful links under “EdPlus Employee Resources” in your Canvas.

Bookmark these following pages:

Other pages:

- Great for image compression
- Great for glyphs and navigational and tier-1 utility icons
- Great for a variety of icons with thousands of options.

Contact info:

RTS HelpDesk
480-965-9065 - option 2

EdPlus abbreviations

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