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You Did It!

Here are the things you accomplished:

You learned how to prepare components for soldering
You learned how to care for the soldering iron
You learned why flux is so important
You learned how to tin wires
You learned how to solder


Other cool things to explore

If you liked this project and want to see more of this kind of stuff, you might want to start designing and building your own electronics projects. You can even design your own soldering kit with our project.

start playing around with

Fusion 360! You can design a ton of different kinds of things in the program. Unlike this project, where you start off with an assembly, you’ll have to start making part files for your project instead of using pre-existing ones.

Other cool hands-on projects

If you liked this kind of hands-on projects and want to do more of these, check out our other projects at . Please recommend us to your other teachers, your principal or assistant superintendent, and your friends and parents at other schools.
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