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Safety (Unit 1)

Tools vs Practices

We have tools that keep up safe like goggles or steel toes in shoes but we also have practices that keep us safe like putting the iron back on the stand when you are not using it.

Lets list some of the tools that keep us safe when soldering.
Safety Glasses
Soldering uses hot tools and molten metal. We do not want either one in our eyes.
Exhaust fan
An exhaust fan pulls smoke out of the air and through a filter or blows it outdoors. No smoke is safe to breath. In small amounts it may not be very harmful but if you are soldering a lot or frequently you should use an exhaust fan.
Lead-Free Solder
Solder used to be made of lead but today it is Tin with a little Copper. When you are disordering or fixing old things you may be exposed to Lead. Make sure you always wash your hands after soldering.

Now lets list some of the practices that keep us safe.
No roughhousing or horseplay
As in any shop or lab environment there are tools or chemicals that could be dangerous. We can never allow rough play, running or any other activities that could lead to an accident.
Pull hair back
Hair is especially dangerous if it has flammable product on it. Hair should be pulled back and secured. Hair should not be in your face or block your vision at all.
Tuck in loose clothing
Loose clothing/ties or sweater pulls can get in the way while working and can also knock into things causing spills or knocking things down.
Put iron in stand immediately
When you are moving your parts or adjusting wires the iron should be on the stand. Never leave the iron on the desk or in the cleaning station.
Keep your work area tidy
Clutter makes it harder to do good work. We will keep our area as neat and clean so we can do our best work.
Treat everything like it is hot
More than just wires can get hot when we are soldering. There is no rush so take your time.
Be wise
You are responsible to keep our environment safe. Be wise when working.

What are some other practices that will keep us safe while soldering?

What happens if we get hurt or hurt someone else?

Which eye would you prefer to loose?


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