Intro (Unit 0)

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Classroom Expectations

I want to have fun as much as anyone. If you will do your part during class I will do my part to help us not be too stressed. If you’re willing to diligently put in the work for the day, we can have an earlier break. It all depends on how the class as a whole is doing though - not just you as an individual.

We are in an open environment and want to be respectful of groups around us.

Remember this is a workplace. We can not do anything we want or we may be risking our pay for the day and our job as well.

How our day is going to start:

Grab a laptop and sit down
Sign in with the passcode “64109”
Open the lesson for the day - This one is
Plug in any laptops we are using so they do not die halfway through the day

How our day is going to end:

Shutdown the laptops
Put laptops in the cart and plug them in to charge
Make sure there is no trash around the table or on the table

How to use Coda:

You’ll keep moving down the sidebar, reading & doing each activity as it comes up. At the bottom of each page should be a link to take you to the next one.

Ignition Lab specific rules:

Students will be supervised at all times when in the Ignition Lab
No hoods
Close toed and close heeled shoes only
No phones out unless for specific research purposes
Masks up at all times when indoors

Digital Electronics specific rules:

No eating at the table except for treats from time to time supplied by the instructor. Our area is not a safe place to eat because of the chemicals used in the electronics we are handling.
Absolutely no roughhousing. There are too many things that can cut or burn in our area for that.

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