Identomat System Manual & Integration Guide

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What is Identomat

Identomat is a remote identity verification software that helps businesses around the world effortlessly onboard and authenticate their customers. All the customer needs to do is take a picture of their identity verification document, after which they are requested to take a selfie and follow simple instructions, such as “Smile!” when prompted by the program. After these tasks are completed our AI system will take the parameters extracted from the video selfie and the ID document in order to check the liveness of the person and match them to the given document. You can learn more about how our AI handles this process in the following chapter.

About this guidebook

Welcome to Identomat! This documentation will introduce you to the details behind our identity verification and how to integrate it into your company for a more secure business environment. Once you have finished reading you will have learnt all about Identomat: How it works, its technical makeup and why it is necessary for your business.


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