Introduction to automation

Lesson 1 - About this course



If you're new to automation and exploring the UiPath Automation Cloud platform or just looking for career opportunities in this field, this course is an excellent fit for you!
Dive into the core aspects of automation using UiPath, learn about the practical benefits for you and your organization, and understand different human-robot collaboration scenarios. Don't miss the chance to create your very first automation project as you take your first steps into the world of automation.
And should you find the information useful, we prepared classroom materials. You can request them in the "Learning resources" lesson.
Let's get started!

Requirements for completing the course:

Pass the Knowledge Check in this module with a min 80% score.
Fill in the Feedback Survey available after exiting this module.
Course duration: 1 hour

What you'll learn in this course

At the end of this course you should be able to:
Grasp automation fundamentals, including UiPath automation models, and effectively share the benefits with colleagues across departments.
Describe different collaborative scenarios between humans and robots in an automated enterprise, as well as the roles that support the automation journey and the roles you can take in this context.
Create a simple automation project in Studio Web using templates.
Assess the applicability of automation for personal tasks and identify potential tasks/processes from daily work that can be automated.

How to navigate through this course

Play the below video to learn how to navigate through the course and make the best use of the user interface.


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