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The price of greatness is responsibility. — Winston Churchill


Most of the value of the product come from the team behind it.
Eg. Google’s open-source Android
Understand the philosophy of an effective and pragmatic developers.
Understand the basic concepts of managing code complexity.

I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. - Bruce Lee

Take Responsibility


Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions in terms of your career advancement, your project, and your day-to-day work
Responsibility is something you actively agree to
You have the right not to take on a responsibility for an impossible or high-risk situation


It’s your career
The biggest difference between success and failure is desire
The best way to be trusted is to be trustworthy.
It’s the foundation of leadership and character


Won't sit idly watching your projects fall apart (usually through neglect)
Provide options instead of excuses
flush out the lame excuses
Have you tried this…
Didn't you consider that?
explain what can be done to salvage the situation
“I don't know,” should be followed up with “—but I'll find out.”
Be confident in our abilities, but we must own up to our shortcomings
aren't afraid to admit ignorance or error
kill your bad ideas before they kill you
Understand the larger context and the bigger, ultimate goal
Continuous learning
Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. ― G. Michael Hopf


What make a strong developer?
Ability to make things happen
Ability to endure
What make strong characters?
“Judge talent at its best and character at its worst.” - Lord Acton
Why strength matter?
Schools are good at measuring intelligence but not great at measuring passion, endurance, and character, which tend to be more important than intelligence in the long run.

"To create understandable, readable, and testable code that many developers can collaboratively work on." — Clean code

Homework Requirements

Pick any of these keywords, find out what it mean, and prepare a lesson for it
Your choice
Should includes
What does it mean?
Why it’s relevant? and when?
When it’s not relevant?
How is this usually applied?
May include some examples, ideally real world examples
How did you apply it to your project
Why did you choose this topic
Apply one of the lesson learned to your code.


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