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As the number of orders increased, your aunt and uncle want to keep track of the most loyal customers to improve their ordering experience, or sending them promotions in the future. Also, the small percentage of orders that are not picked up became a real problem. Wanting to help them, you will also need help yourself, from a friend who is a security expert.


2-person team
Define additional requirements to guide the development
Can adopt any frameworks, technologies


Allow user to register and login
Users can manage their profiles
Customer need to login to create or view orders
Can view current and past orders
Can re-order from the list of past orders

Lesson requirements

In addition to showing your work, you may include 1 or more lessons about 1 or more of these topics
How would you protect against?
Code injection
Cross-site scripting (XSS)
Pick one of the topic below to study and prepare a lesson for your group
How should passwords be stored in the databases?
Cookie-based authentication
Token-based authentication
2-factor authentication
Oauth Flow

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