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Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. — Maya Angelou


1-person team
Make UI & code available for the whole class to access


Choose a cloud provider and deploy your system there.
Can use any cloud provider: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Vercel/NextJs, DigitalOcean, etc
Your pricing UI should be able to run on the cloud and does not depends on any local resources, computers, etc.
Submit your code to a public repository on repository and public the URL
You can update your discord server profile and add the URL there.
Publish your URLs and your github code for anyone to access encourage other students to “hack” it
Try to cause problem to any of your classmate’s software
Submit at least 5 pull requests (PRs) to any classmate’s github repo
Add detail comments on what the change is about
Prepare to lessons about these PRs
Lesson requirements
Explain why you choose a provider instead of others.
May include 1 lesson or difficulty you learn from this process and explain why it’s useful or interesting.
Is there any other ways to achieve all the functional requirements without using the cloud?
Present lesson learned from PRs that you submitted and received


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