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Micah Cottingham 2020 Term 3 Portfolio


Micah Cottingham's Portfolio
With the closure of the school and the additional responsibilities I’ve had to take on, I needed a different way to show the work and learning I’ve done for each of my classes. In discussion with my teachers, guidance counsellor and the principal, we worked out a set of commitments that I would fulfill before the year was over.

This is an interactive document where I’ve collected all the work I’ve done since Spring Break started. You can navigate the document by clicking through the sections at the top of the page or look at the links below. The following table shows which pages correspond with which classes, and you’ll notice that there is considerable overlap between them. I would be happy to discuss any of this work at your convenience.

I greatly appreciate your flexibility with this. It’s been a very strange few months but I’m glad I was still able to help my family and still learn and participate in school, in a way.
Animation/Media Arts
Comparative Cultures
Graphic Design
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