Sometimes, we might get stressed. It might be because of taking on too much work, family issues, or anything that is very stressful.
It’s very important to destress on a daily basis and make sure you are treating yourself with a balance between hyperproductivity and relaxing!

What is hyperproductivity?

Hyperproductivity is when people put too much pressure on themselves and give themselves too many roles. This happens when people become super active in a lot of working groups, as too much work to do can lead to work overload. Of course, getting involved is great! However, it might become a problem when it leads to stress, anxiousness, or more. Hyperproductivity often eventually lead to signs of stress, such as being unable to sleep, feeling constant thought of anxiety or sadness, etc, etc. This is known as a burnout , which is why distributing the work is very very important and integral to the functioning of FFF Digital!
It’s important to know your capacity, which is why it’s important to destress. Press on the subpages for learning different ways.

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