How to destress


Breathing Exercises
When stressed, the best way is to take a breathing exercise. An example would be to breathe in (count up to 5) and then breathe out 5. Repeat this, preferably with your eyes closed so you can focus on solely your breathing.
Mindfulness Exercise
A good way to become more mindful is by getting meditation apps. You can usually search up some in App Store! A good app is Oak, which guides breathing and mindfulness.
You could also do it without using a phone in case
List 5 things you can see
List 4 things you hear
List 3 things you can touch/feel
List 2 things you can smell
Name 1 thing you can taste
An easy way to connect and be at peace is being grateful of the things around you.
A good challenge is finding one friend/family/person who you admire, and compliment a different person every day!
It’s also important to love yourself. If you’re reading this toolkit, you’re amazing!
Think of one thing about yourself what you love, whether it’s your confidence, hard work, talents, or more!
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