How to destress

Self-Care Tips

1. Listen to music to destress!
FFF Digital created a collaborative playlist. It’s important to take sometime for yourself. You can listen to music and reflect on life. The good thing about music is that you don’t have to look at a screen to listen :))
2. Take breaks!
If school or work, or anything feels really difficult, don’t hesitate to take a break :) Your mental health is important, especially during the pandemic where it might be easy to get lonely 😢. But all you have to do is unplug, delete Slack for a while, because mental health is super important :)).
3. Meditate, stretch, do yoga
Ok, this is a bit of exercising, but stretching out muscles and taking time for a healthy body can really help make life a little more bearable!
Here’s some video tutorials you could use:
You can also ask
@Jett Zhang
if you want meditations and
@Aishwarya Puttur
for yoga over zoom :) He usually loves to meditate, stretch, and do yoga over his zoom @
3. Journal and Plan Everyday
It might seem tedious at first, but journaling can help with unplugging from the computer along with reflection on yourself. You can write anything whether it’s something you’re grateful for, how you feel, or anything interesting that happened today.
And if you’re an organized person, make a little checklist if things need to be done! It might be chores, schoolwork, or work, just writing down your thoughts can help a lot in grounding yourself :)
4. Embrace your hobbies!
Activism can be really draining at times, so it’s important to take on other fun hobbies to find peace. Here’s some ideas:
Just search up your favorite songs and karaoke to it!
You can also search up sheet music, and
@Iris Zhan
can help lecture you on music theory jajaja
Reading a book (you can find many online)
related to the environment
A related to intersectionality, anti-racism, and #BlackLivesMatter (ー before proceeding, reminder that these books are leftist and do not represent FFF ideologies as a whole, but is a cool education resource :)
, , , , , are also good links and have a vast amount of books!
Write a story or poetry!
Press people can help you. Feel free to share it, we love to listen to new stories! You can put it in the spam channels, #tea-party, or read it to people during tea parties, or just for fun :))
5) Read some kind thoughts -

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