How to destress

Games & Spam

Something fun that FFF Digital loves to do is games and spam. It’s super important to build a community here, which is why tea parties are super important!
Why tea party?
You can find friends to play games with you, rant to, or anything! It makes sure that people can join FFF Digital not only as a climate activist, but also to find a friend, especially during this current pandemic.
How to Tea Party:
1) Keep an eye on #tea-party channel, that’s where zoom links to tea parties may be announced! We usually have tea parties in the spam discord voice channel or
2) Join the spam platforms:
- This is the spam slack, a very good space to chat casually/informally and make friends inside FFF Digital. You should definitely join this to not miss out on fun (and spam
- This is the spam telegram, it is mostly same as the spam slack just that it doesn't have different channels to keep the spam organized.
3) If you have any questions, ask (sometimes he’s on break, but always the king of tea parties! :DD)
Oh and this isn’t spam but you can relax to music here : -add any of your favorite songs here, we'd love to listen to them.
Here are some games to play:
Cards against humanity
Among Us
Tetris (JSTRIS)
Self-care game -

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