How to destress

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Sleep and Unplug!


Have a regular night time routine. Doing a nightly ritual lets your body know it’s time to sleep.
Go to bed at similar times (10-11pm) and wake up at similar times (7-8). A healthy night time routine can really help your mental and physical health.
Don't bring your phone to bed with you. You will sleep better and it can help reduce your stress.
Think about what you’re grateful for after you’ve turned off your light and are laying in bed.
Take a nap. About 20 minutes is ideal. If it’s too long it will mess up your sleep schedule and you’ll feel gross. But a cat nap can leave you feeling fresh, focused, and less stressed.

Limit your screentime

Yes, it may seem hard especially during this time where most of us are constricted at home, but it’s important to limit your screentime.
In the meantime, try out simple things! If you’re able to, walk out to your garden with a sketchbook and draw things you see, whether it’s flowers, trees, birds, humans, anything! It’s important to enjoy nature :)) Or even take a little nap, it’s important to take time for yourself. Or you could walk around the house and ask if your family needs anything, and do some favors here and there.
You might think, well... why should I limit my screentime?
Staring at a screen for a super long time can cause lethargy, as you are idle for long periods of time. It also feels a little lonely, as you’re at a screen for a long time. This can lead to stress and anxiousness. Your eyes might also get strained, so it’s important to go and do something!
Good practices
Have a curfew for when you turn off all devices. Yes. All devices. Try to have one hour between the time you power off and when you wake up/go to sleep.
I don’t know the science behind it, but it usually helps me a lot when I go to sleep without devices.
Every twenty minutes if you’re doing work on a laptop, squint your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Make sure to hydrate yourself with water and Vitamin C!
In addition, make sure to stretch! I know that people who have long hour desk jobs often have a lot of back and neck pain, so you need to make sure to stretch so you won’t hurt yourself!
When you’re eating or talking to family/friends, please don’t get distracted and please turn your cell phone off!
Apparently if you eat slowly and eat without distractions you’ll be able to appreciate the tastes more than if you eat while looking at your phone!
Same thing goes with talking to family/friends (unless if you’re talking to them on your cell phone then yes please don’t distract yourself by playing games while talking to them) you’ll enjoy the conversation more!

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