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Wild life on this planet can be a little tough to the unprepared one
There are two types of species among the bulbs, the active and the passive ones:
Are equivalent to the flora of our earth Nourrish from light and ground nutrients Have a slow mode of consumption
Are equivalent of the fauna of our earth Nourrish by consumming other species Have an instant mode of consumption
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When it comes to active consumption, cases of cannibalism has been found in Yarilo. However, the species tend to reduce this practice, as is mostly brings a negative impact on their population.

Sentient species

The is at the same time passive and active depending of the (cf.).
Thus they can adapt to any types of terrains, and form all around the planet.
As so, if a population migrates to another place and encounter the need of changing their eating habits, after some regrowth they will be able to switch to passive or active consumption method.
The sentient species has a particular feeling regarding cannibalism:
They abhor this behavior as it goes against the very idea of community
have been set up to avoid cannibalism, they can differ depending of the ethnicity

Inanimate objects

Inanimate objects such as houses, vehicles or furniture can be either passive or active.
That is a random genetical feature that can lead to accidental destruction of other species.
Thus, all inanimate objects have to be tested before they’re used for longer, in order to make sure they’re passive, therefore safe to use.
They deteriorate with time rather than because of consumption. However a regular use of an object might accelerate its deterioration.

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