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Politics, laws, economy

Political system

It highly depends on the .
Most of them are autoregulated systems with one to five leaders.

Laws and justice

It highly depends on the foliages.
among the sentient species is highly prohibited. It's considered the worst crime of all, as it stands against the main purpose of these societies: prosper. As so, it has the longest punishment time.
Punishment in case of a reprehensible behavior describes a negative alteration of the bulb after the outlaw individual’s death. This alteration will be redone for a defined number of times every time the individual dies. This number is decided depending on the seriousness of the committed crime.

Exchanges and economy

It highly depends on the foliages, and even .
For example, the is known to be a great trading zone for all ethnicities on the continent.
on the other hand tend to only share ressources within their own communities.

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