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Sentient species

General facts

🛡️ The sentient species is less subject to because of their capacity to better protect their bulbs
🌐 They succeeded to develop all around their
🍽️ This species is hybrid in its (both passive and active)
💡 There are multiple cultures with multiple ways of thinking and apprehending the world

Life and death of an individual

During the growing period, the individual doesn’t show signs of consciousness.
Once viable, it can move and do all the things an other individual would but it knows nothing. From this moment it will no longer grow, meaning that one the bulb is viable, the individual is already at his adult form.
When they die, the individuals of the sentient species turn back into a bulb.
Bulbs can be moved without being harmed, but they are tightly dependent of their to grow.
Without good temperature and soil (which can variate between ) the bulb will rot and will no longer be able to change into an individual.

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