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Yarilo is almost 10 000km wide from the west of the Leomarè Great Forest to the east of the Basin of Mavassa.

Abyrne Heights

Abyrne Heights is a region mainly composed of high mountains and steep cliffs. Despite significant elevation changes, Abyrne shelters a few tablelands within their very own climates.
This stony region has a mostly mineral soil that doesn’t hosts lots of passive species, conversely the rich soil of the tablelands allow the proliferation of living beings.
On the rocky part of Abyrne Heights we can experience sudden changes of climate such as heavy winds or even snow. The tablelands on the other hand show a more regulate climate, but there’s a huge difference in temperature between daytime and night-time.
One particularity of Abyrne is its soil concentration of . Those might seem very common rocks during the day, but once the sun is set they radiate a colourful light that changes depending on their types. Finding crystals is easy on the mountains ; they’re more rare on the tablelands.
The main etnicity populating the Abyrne Heights are the .

Basin of Mavassa

Mavassa is the name of the coastal periphery of Yarilo. This region constitutes most of the coasts of the continent and is filled with harbors. The seaside is covered by sand whereas swamps and greener areas are more common once deeper in the land.
The very rich soils of this region allow the profusion of species of all kinds and unlike the rocky mountains of , it is very simple to find food and quality of life supplies.
The climate is rather humid on the western part near Forrest but is dryer on the edges of . Depending on the season, these characteristics increase, thus the temperatures are stable within one area.
One memorable thing in Mavassa is its marvelous coral reefs.
The are the most common ethnicity in Mavassa.

Desert Isha Al’Qudar

This region is characterized by extreme temperatures and very few precipitations. Depending of the latitude, it can be cold or sweltering.
The terrain aridity leaves very little room for living beings, but some species still succeed to survive the harsh climate of this gigantic desert.
Some people say that in the center of this nothingness desert lies a thriving of life surrounded by mountains, called Isha. However, no one ever found this place or everyone died trying.
The inhabitants of these lands, who believe their very existence is due to oasis Isha, are called the .

Leomarè Great Forest

Leomarè is an area covered in trees and a luxurious vegetation. This is by far the most colourful land of Yarilo, considering all the different species – or variations of species – that live in.
The rich soil of the forest provides all the nutrients that encourages a fast grown and a large diversity of species. The flourishing life under the trees also makes it on of the most dangerous places of the continent.
The thick foliage of this region blocks the sun in some places, making the atmosphere of Leomarè dark and somewhat unsettling there. This feeling can also be explained by the humid and hot air that is a permanent feature of the area, regardless of the season.
Because of the obstructing effect of the canopy, we observe a species distribution by there needs of light. As so, close to the ground fungus like species thrive as the masters of the soil while floating and flying creatures tend to evolve close to the tree-top.
The people living in the Great Forrest are called .

Mists of Kangri

Kangri is the coldest land in Yarilo. This endless tundra lets only the strongest settle. Beaten by tireless winds, we can see emerge times to times a short vegetation punctuate by a few rare watercourses, if these aren’t frozen by the glacial temperature.
Far on the north the soil transform into a rocky permafrost, to this extend almost no life can survive. Closer to the Great Forest, taïga tends to spread all through the land, providing a shelter to some adventurous species.
During the ungrowing season the cold gets even harsher, forcing some species into a dormant phase, typical of this region.
In some places hot resurgence and geyser make small warmer area where the species gather when the climate becomes to cold.
The are the main ethnicity populating the mists of Kangri.

Ròinshur region

Ròinshur is an isolated region surrounded by . Its separation with the continent led into a strong feeling of union within the island. The concept of a close-knit and harmonious community is very important in Ròinshur.
The hilly lands of Ròinshur are rocked by a rather temperate climate, green lands and large plains harbor numerous species that live in harmony.
Even when the temperature starts to go down, the symbiosis of these species reduce the loses of many bulbs, making the Ròinshur region one of the most preserved lands of all Yarilo.
All the things living in Ròinshur are called

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