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The Abyrneses are the main ethnicity populating .
Because of the difficulties of surviving the harsh climate of the Abyrn Heights, its inhabitant have figured out a way to absorb the bio-energy contained in the crystals.
Thus, by consuming these crystals, the Abyrneses also produce a bit of this bio-energy, which makes them glow in the dark. They’re also generally taller than any other ethnicity.
Peoples living in the tablelands tend to be sedentary, when those living in the mountains can be nomads depending of the climate.


The Mavassans are the main ethnicity populating the .
Thanks to the rich soil and fauna of Mavassa, Mavassans can be alternatively passive and active when it comes to nutrition.
Because of their costal ways of life, they have developed the need of installing camps around direct sources of hydration; their bulbs struggle to stay alive when the air is too dry.
Most Mavassans are sedentary. Their profusion of goods encourages trading with other ethnicities.


The Ishai are the main ethnicity populating the .
Despite the poor quantity of ressources available in the Desert, the Ishai still have an active way of sustaining themselves.
They developed a deep respect for all the living beings, knowing that a consummated bulbs is a bulb that will not regrow, and thus even if they hunt to survive, they will never take more than there needs.
They are in majority nomads who travel within the Desert looking for food and goods.
This habit make them a wise people who met many other ethnic groups.


The Leomarès are the main ethnicity populating .
Considering the enormous amount of species living in the area, the Leomarès learnt that in order to survive, they had to consume their predators. Thus, their ways of getting energy is by active nutrition.
Leomarès bulbs usually have a better resistance than other species; that could be explained by the hot and humid air and irregular light that describes that dangerous forest.
Because Leomarès are very tied to their traditions, they’re sedentary for the most.


The Kangrikov are the main ethnicity populating
The permafrost covering most of the soil of Kangri makes it almost impossible for the Kangrikov to adopt a passive nutrition. Some still do, as it’s considered an heroic act, but most prefer to consume other species.
Kangrikov are smaller than other individuals of the sentient species; this phenomenon is due to the lack of nutrients in the land’s soil and a series of genetic adaptations to make them more resistant to freezing temperatures.
The people of Kangri rarely migrates, since livable spaces are hard enough to find, but some reckless groups still do, as a form of rite.


The Ròinish are the main ethnicity populating the .
The Ròinshur region being by far the most calm and peaceful country in Yarilo, people living here do not really apprehend what it is to “fight to survive”.
They live in harmony with all the species in the region and naturally headed to a passive way of life.
As so it is not irrelevant to see community of Ròinish living with or amongst other species.
Their contact with the “external world” are awkward at least and can be harsh sometimes as they are not able to understand species outside of the Ròinshur region.

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