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Bulb theft

Some groups, having left too many to rot and fearing for the prosperity of their population, tend to steal new individuals from nearby neighbors.
That practice, however, is poorly considered and communities seek different ways to avoid it: some protect their bulbs by or train them so that they’re only viable in their original environment.
Furthermore the collected bulbs might be considered inferior in some communities that would then treat them as slaves by giving them dangerous and daunting tasks.

Main Beliefs

All cultures have different ways of dealing with the ability of regeneration Nature has given the bulbs. Here’s a few of the most common beliefs in Yarilo.


These individuals show gratefulness to all the elements around them that don’t come from bulbs:


They are a dissident part of the Common-Branchers.
They believe they come from the stars and they regularly honor the moon; they are usually more active at night.
This believers are mostly found in the rocky parts of .


They are a dissident part of the Common-Branchers
They honor the sun; they are usually more active during the day.
The Sunseek might be the most widespread belief in Yarilo.


This community originally from an isolated part of has secretly spread through other and .
Their main belief is that an individual's death should be definitive, so everyone has one and only chance to live a fulfilling life.
To achieve that goal, these one-lifers multiply adrenaline-driven experiences in order to enjoy life at its maximum.
When an individual dies, the available members of this community gather to make a tribute before destroying the bulb so it cannot grow again.


These believers have spread in a few groups of a short area in the frontier between an ’ tableland and .
They are convinced that in order to spiritually evolve, they need to find their soulmate in a tree.
They're nature-lovers and usually live in temples, praying, dancing and taking care of their luxurious gardens all their life.
When an individual dies, if they have found their soulmate, they are burnt and their ashes are sprinkles among the roots of the tree they chose.
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