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World rules

General rules

On this earth everything grow and nothing is technically buildable (in any case, its inhabitants didn't need to learn).
There is a few exceptions to this rule:
⛰️ Soil, rocks and mineral things (crystals, mountains...)
💧 Water and forms of water (ice, cloud...)

When something ends to deteriorate, it going back to the soil on the form of a
, which will give a product of the same nature as the precedent one, basically the same species but with different physical attributes.

🌱 Everything doesn't grow everywhere, it depends of the biome and the nature of the
🤷 The people do not know how to force the growth of something that does not grow naturally there
🏝️ are completely isolated from the rest of the world, so the people living there will not be able to communicate with others
👌 People are for the most satisfied with their (plus there are not sure to find what they want elsewhere so they prefer to keep their lands)

Questioning about the renewal of species

This earth works like a human body, it self-regulates its number of cells according to needs / lack
The are then a meaning for the planet to regulate the number of of each species, thus small animals will be more prone to anomalies than bigger predators

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