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Total meeting time by person

How much are we really spending in meetings?
Average “burdened” rate (to calculate est. cost):
Total time in meetings
Estimated Cost
Elise Keith
12 hrs 20 mins
Mary Jones
6 hrs 30 mins
James Booth
6 hrs 15 mins
Al Chen
6 hrs
Lola Tseudonym
3 hrs
Joel Davis
1 hr
There are no rows in this table

What to Look For

Consider how each person’s total time spent in meetings might be impacting their ability to contribute effectively to the team’s overall performance. Some people may be spending too much time meeting, leaving no time to complete other work during normal business hours. Others may not meet often enough to stay current with the rest of the team’s activities.
Meeting research tells us that meetings impact the productivity of our time before and after the meeting too. Everyone needs time to prepare for meetings and transition between meetings and other work. When meetings go badly, research shows that people also need double or triple the normal amount of “” time after the meeting. When you include transition and recovery time, the true amount of time your team invests in meetings may be 1.5 to 2 times greater than the totals shown above.
After looking at the amount of time invested, look at the estimated cost. Is this investment an appropriate percentage of that person’s salary?
The breakdown below shows the estimated cumulative cost per meeting, including the time spent by all attendees. Is the cost appropriate for the value created in those meetings?
Breakdown of total costs per meeting

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