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Pre-work #2: Meeting questions

Review your inventory from "Pre-work #1", then answer these high-level questions.
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What is your organizational level?
Assume there are 5 levels within your organization (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). Knowing your organizational level helps us compare your meeting experience to the average experiences of those working at a similar level in other organizations.
What stood out to you when you review your meeting inventory?
Maybe you noticed something you suspected before and can now see more clearly. Maybe something surprised you. Or maybe you see a new pattern you never noticed. Add those insights here.
What works well in these meetings?
Add insights about what your team does during the meetings you’ve rated as highly effective.
What could be improved?
Add your ideas for making meetings more effective.
Flow time: How many blocks of 2+ hours focused on work of your choice did you have in last 2 weeks?
Knowledge workers need this uninterrupted flow time to complete “deep work” each week.
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