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1. Prepare yourself with iPrepare

We have designed a cool online preparation for you! It is a fun and interactive tool to understand what better what is European Solidarity Corps, and will give you a good perspective about volunteering and how can you prepare for your project so you can contribute the most to the local community.

2. Medical insurance - EHIC card and Henner Insurance

3. Important documents

You will receive a “Volunteering Agreement” by e-mail. Your "Volunteering Agreement" (or "Activity Agreement") is the contractual agreement made between you and the "Hosting Organisation". It might involve also the Sending or Supporting organisation as well. The agreement contains all the details about the project and the rights and obligations of all those involved.
General info sheet is provided by the host organisation right after the acceptance of your application. Specific info sheet which contains all the practical information about your project will be sent to you immediately when it is ready but no later than 3 weeks before you start your project.

4. Preparation session

One of the most important step is your preparation session. You will be contacted by Egyesek well before your departure at what day and what time you will have to attend on the preparation session and if it will be online or offline.
For the preparation session make sure you:
Read this guide
You have your EHIC Card
Read the General info sheet and Specific info sheet
Read the and the and the Volunteer Agreement
Wrote down all your questions, you will have time to ask them in the preparation session

5. Booking your tickets

You are responsible to buy and arrange your own travel. Your travel costs will be reimbursed by either the host organisation or the sending organisation. In any case you must keep and provide all your travel documents: tickets, invoices, receipts, boarding passes. Make sure you only by your travel tickets when you have received explicit approval from your sending organisation.
You will be reimbursed for your travel costs up to the given limit after you have completed the project and administrative duties.
If Egyesek will reimburse your travel costs, you can find more information about the procedure here:

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