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How many times I can participate?

You can participate on a European Solidarity Corps - Volunteering Teams project as many as you wish as long as you are an eligible participant based on your age (18-30) and legal address.
You can only participate once in a European Solidarity Corps - Individual Volunteering project. With the exception if your first individual volunteering project did not exceed 60 days you can participate once more on an individual volunteering project. Altogether the duration of your individual volunteering projects cannot exceed 14 months.

What if arrive earlier or later to the project?

It is okay to go a few days earlier or come back a few days later, you will still receive your travel reimbursement. Outside of the activity dates you will have to arrange your food and accommodation and those expenses are not eligible to reimburse.

What if I travel from/to a different country

Your travel reimbursement will be done only between your home country to the country where the project takes place. In justified situation it is possible to travel from another country. In this case always check with the coordinator if your travel will be eligible to reimburse.

Do I have to pay for the activities during free time?

Usually you will have to pay for yourself whatever you do during your free time. In some cases the host organisation organize free tour or cover some expenses. If this is the case it will be clarified in the specific info sheet or in the Volunteer Agreement. It is the best if you prepare that you pay everything on your free days. Nevertheless you receive 3-6 € / day pocket money (free days included) what you can use to cover these expenses. During the free days your accommodation will be still available for you.

Where can I receive Certificate of Good Conduct/Criminal Record?

If you have Ügyfélkapu (Electronic Gateway to arrange many of your official matters) you can request it through This is the easiest way, although until now it is only in Hungarian.
If you don’t have Ügyfélkapu the easiest way is to go to a post office and ask there the form to obtain your Certificate of Good Conduct (Erkölcsi Bizonyítvány), fill it in and send it by post. You will need your passport or ID card and some money (cc. 3100 HUF) and it will take 2-3 weeks until you get it.

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