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What is Egyesek Youth Association?

We contribute to build communities where people are aware of their own freedom of choice, they do what they love and connect with each other peacefully. Egyesek Youth Association is a community of active youth and young professionals.
“We are complete with you!” in your case it means Egyesek will be your sending organisation to the volunteering project you are about to go.


What is voluntary service?

"Voluntary service is an exchange between an individual, or a group of individuals and a local community. The volunteer or group of volunteers offers time, energy and effort to a project benefiting a community, and through this project the community offers the volunteer or group of volunteers an opportunity for experimentation, learning, personal and collective development.”
Cotravaux, France
Alliance is a network of organisations implementing International Voluntary Service (IVS) projects by connecting international volunteers with local communities. Staff of the sending and hosting organisations within Alliance many times know each other in person through network meetings and working together on different kinds of volunteering development projects. The connection and partnership offers safety and quality for the volunteers, the involved organisations and to the communities as well.
Alliance_logo_2013_high def.png
Via the you can apply for volunteering teams or for longer volunteer services in other European countries.
Volunteering teams are usually similar to traditional workcamps. They have a minimum duration of 2 weeks and involve a group of at least 10 volunteers. However, they are limited to the countries that participate in the ESC. Only volunteers from these countries can participate.
For your commitment through the ESC, whether in a volunteering team or in an individual voluntary service, your travel expenses will be reimbursed and you will receive a small pocket money. There is a strict age limit of 18 to 30 years and there are a few important steps to take before and after the project in addition to registering with us:

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