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ROI Calculator Template

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Return on Investment (ROI) is a crucial metric that evaluates the profitability of an investment or action. By comparing the net profit to the initial outlay, businesses can determine the financial benefits and assess the value of their undertakings. This ROI Calculator is designed to provide you with a quick yet comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your investments.


Identify Your Costs: Begin by noting down all associated costs of your investment. This could be in advertising, product development, training, etc.
Document the Returns: Monitor and document all revenue or benefits directly related to the investment.
Input the Values: Use the formula (Net Profit - Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment to calculate the ROI percentage.
Interpret the Results: A positive ROI indicates a gain, and a negative indicates a loss. However, always consider industry standards and the context of the investment.

ROI Calculation Table:
Investment Name
Cost of Investment
Net Profit from Investment
ROI (%)
Facebook Ads
Successful ad campaign.
New Product Launch
Moderate success, review strategy.
There are no rows in this table


Ensure to account for all hidden costs when documenting your investment. Overlooking minor expenses can skew the results.
ROI is just one metric. Always use it in conjunction with other performance indicators for a comprehensive overview.
Timeframe matters. An investment might not show immediate returns but could be beneficial in the long run.

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