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📌 This tool is designed to help businesses (and their lawyers) to manage contract issues resulting from the COVID-19 disruption. It helps you interpret your contracts, create interim contractual terms and new force majeure clauses for different contract types, depending on whether you are a customer, supplier, or in a two-way relationship. Practical 🛠, not legal waffle.
🍿 Check out this for an intro and how to use this resource.
Legal notices.
⚠️ By using this resource and tools, you accept that it does not constitute legal advice and that you use it at your own risk. It does not attempt to provide wording or guidance under any particular law or for your specific circumstances. You must make sure it is suitable for your needs and for your jurisdiction. Consult your lawyer if you are not sure. ⚠️
💝 This tool is provided for free. You are permitted to copy and use the content you generate, but not copy (or adapt or reverse engineer) the tool itself. If you're interested in getting a copy that you can customise and use in other ways (or if you have any feedback or questions) get in touch via or .
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Notes on using the tools.
🚀 If you're not sure where to start, start
. This checklist will take you through the basic steps for organising your work.
Use the tool to assess where you stand with each of your contracts. It gives you indicators and a rating depending on what your force majeure clause says. We apply general contractual principles and do not attempt to advise on overriding Civil Code provisions or legal principles like frustration or hardship. Those laws are inherently uncertain and difficult to apply (even more so than interpreting a contract) and are usually harder to prove, so in practice are more relevant if you are likely to litigate - at which point you should be getting legal advice anyway.
Use the tool to help you renegotiate your key contracts, or agree interim arrangements, if you want to keep a working relationship going and avoid legal disputes. Use the slider to choose the scenario that fits your needs, then select your key objectives.
Use the tool to create or improve your force majeure clause going forward. Items which vary across the scenarios are highlighted in red and summarised in Key variables (which also mentions things which might vary country to country). Additional guidance is provided in the Deep dive. The 🌶 rating tells you how important it is to customise the clause for your needs, and whether it could be impacted by your local laws. 🙇 If you want to go deeper, check out the which lets you toggle at a clause level.
🖨 To export any of the content you generate: copy & paste into your favourite doc.

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