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COVID-19 Negotiator

A tool to help you negotiate an interim COVID-19 regime for your commercial agreements.

Step 1: Use the slider to select if you are a supplier, customer or both

(stay in the middle if you are concerned about your own obligations
the other side's under the same contract)


I am at risk as a supplier of goods or services
I am a customer needing to manage supply risk
There are no rows in this table

Step 2: Select the objectives you want to cover


I want to...
Ensure payments are made and received, but not where there is no value and no excuse.
Reduce or discontinue my obligations, but ensure business continuity where I need it.
Ensure fair application of contract rules for late delivery, failures and liquidated damages.
Manage changes to prices and payment terms and their impact on cashflow.
Cover gaps through alternative sources, while maintaining the relationship.
Ensure that both sides take mitigating and preventive measures, but agree on cost and resources.
Ensure that business continuity measure can be taken, where practicable and affordable.
Continue working together through the crisis, but minimise the risk of disputes.
There are no rows in this table

Step 3: Use this guidance as a framework for your negotiation

👉 Get legal advice if you're not sure. Read
. 👈


If you want to...
You should...
...and try these clauses for starters
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