Policies & Programs

These are the Deliverable’s Policy & Programs that you need to follow on day-day basis.

#Our Vision

We want to build our teams independent & self-reliable. We want everyone to be professional & fully dedicated towards their work. Each of our team member should owners from their daily work.
To achieve the above statement, we’ve launched & continuously launching new policies & programs to encourage & educate our team-members for a better future.

#Active Policies

#- Bonus & Incentives


#- Leave Policies


#Company Programs

#- Sabbatical Programs

Applies to everyone on the team
Learning curve will always be something each of us requires.
Company provide 2-week paid program to learn new skills on the field they want to learn.
These are type of paid leave that will be given for 2 weeks to learn new skills.
Courses or certifications will be purchase & provided based upon your focusing skillsets
One team member can apply for sabbatical program once in 6 months
The focusing skill should be beneficial for the organisation
The team member has to give presentation to the leadership team at the end of the program on what has been learned & how the skill can be applied.
The team member should be a full-time employee of the organisation
The program member should be first approved by one of the leadership team member
@Dishant Agnihotri for technical & sales related skill
@Shriya for marketing, fianance & bidding related skill
You can find the list of applied team members that has applied for sabbatical program in their personal profile

#- 80/20 Rule

Applies to everyone on the team
As Deliverable is a service based company but we believe in making a better future by delivering good products & reaching to a new wider audience.
Deliverable also believes in respective each team member talent & value in terms of what they provide to Deliverable.
So, We’ve provide a list of products that you can build on your extra time to learn new technologies & vast your experience.
Each product completion is awarded in terms of bonus, incentive or share on the product revenue.
Outside organisation members can also be welcomed to join this program.
Only one employee is allowed to take a project at a time
Each project should be first approved by @Dishant Agnihotri in terms of requirement & acceptance criteria
The team member has to first provided with a plan to develop the platform. Open-source modified codebase is also acceptable.
The incentive or bonus will be given at the end of the project completion after acceptance criteria match.

#- Tuition Reimbursements

#- Employee Referral Bonus Program

Refer someone good to Deliverable IT will provide you the avail our perks.
The perks will only valid if the referred employee completes the Probation Period.
The perks are as follows:
Get a Fixed Referral Bonus as per the employee experience
0 - 1 years: Nil, None, Nada, Naha 😂
1 - 3 years: ₹5,000
3 - 7 years: ₹15,000
7+ years: ₹50,000
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