Dev Management Guide (public)
Professioncy Level

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Junior Developer

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Young and wild, can fullfill small development tasks under the supervision of a professional developer.
Don’t: architectual decision, technical concepts, technical decision on his own

Job Description


Team Lead or Senior Developer

Main tasks

Product development under supervision by senior developer or Professional developer
Documentation under supervision 
Reproducing Bugs, Code Analysis, Bug Fixing under supervision

Secondary tasks

Code reviews

Cooperation with

Other Developers
Product owner
Project manager

Competences, authorisations, powers of attorney

see all source code + technical documentation + requirements and tickets
change and commit source code in limited product areas under supervision
Limited permission on production environments, Full permission on Staging and development environments
Basic knowledge of the programming language and the technologie stack of the product
Basic knowledge of the development method.
Knowledge about the used development tools (including ticket software and source control)
Basic knowledge of the product domain

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