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on the dark side - you are a manager now ;)
Created: 2020-01-17, last edited: 2023-03-02

About me

Developer for a long time, Tech Lead, Team Lead, Head of Software Development (C++ >> Java >> C# >> Azure ), Director Software Development
Since 5 years - CTO of a company more then 200 developers
Former passionate developer and software architect
“Ok-ish” manager, still improving
Not soooo good with non technical people
Good with facts, numbers, plans and processes
Will be 50 soon and still creasy about technology and software development


There are thousands of books, websites, and videos about development processes, estimation techniques, and more. However, when I started as a manager, I felt the absence of a mentor who could help me coordinate and prioritize the various tasks - from budget planning to making decisions without a solid knowledge base, and leading employees. Especially during discussions with CFOs, CEOs, or investors, I found it challenging to understand the reasoning behind some of their questions and the basis for their decision-making.These guys are from another planet.
Boost your productivity by utilizing the tools and templates that I've specifically designed for every conceivable situation. This will free up your time, allowing you to focus on more productive and rewarding tasks.


I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts on what I'm doing, particularly if you have a differing perspective. Don't hesitate to share, disagreements are always welcome!

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