Dev Management Guide (public)

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Job interview

How to conduct a job interview, questions to ask

How to prepare

Who to invide


Technical review
Personal question
Practical tasks - test programming etc.

Personal questions

Process KnowHow in commerce systems?
Experience - working in teams?
How big?
Your role in the teams

Work alone (deep thinking) & design systems together, technical discussion
UI versus Backbone / middleware

Describe your ideal working environment as a developer?
Tell me about your typical day as developer?

Planning approach
Can you briefly tell me about some projects you worked on recently and the approach you took from start to finish?

Tricky stuff
Tell me about the last tough development problem you have worked on in the past
How did you solved it?
What was your approach?
Possibility to deep dive into the former technical level of the applicant. Does he speaks about architectual challenges, tricky support analytics or deadline stress. You asked about the tough problem, you will see - where his / her focus is.

Project failiure
Did you ever failed a project? Why was it a failiure?
What was the reason? Did another project of your had the same problems earlier?

Your performance: Is there anything you would change about how you performed in your most recent role? Why?
Team: Describe a conflict you had with a team member or manager and how you resolved it?
How do you deal with unexpected changes to deadlines?

Why should we choose you for this position?
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