CS Manager Playbook

Objective: This playbook will guide and support you in your journey as a Customer Success Manager with LimeTray. You can look into this book for all the tasks, responsibilities, useful links required for a manager to perform his duties on a day to day basis.

Layout: Given below is a list of tasks performed by a Customer Success Manager on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Based on these, you can set daily reminders on your GCal or plan your day ahead. Don’t worry - all the resourceful links, how to, what to, etc will be mentioned below.

Let’s get started…

Daily Tasks
Update Attendance Tracker - shift time, planned/unplanned leaves, half day etc
Update LT Products sheet - Slack and FreshChat ticket count and calculating FRT
Sharing daily ticket count and FRT - to be done on #lt-products Slack channel
QC of FreshChat tickets - was resolution provided, sentence formation etc
QC of Slack tickets - FRT, resolution provided etc
Update Team Performance Tracker (Slack FRT Tab) - Filling in slack escalations from yesterday where FRT was more than 5 minutes and why.
Assigning FreshDesk Tickets - Tickets coming in needs to be assigned based on for which team it is.
Taking Scrum - every day at 4:30 PM and updating CS roster <> Daily Scrum tab as to what was discussed in scrum.
Follow up on emails - emails whose due dates are pending, follow up with teams checking the status of a task.
Working on FreshDesk tickets - tickets coming for Admin, needs to be looked after by a lead. From sending the first response to providing a resolution.
Follow up with the menu team - taking updates from the menu team for tickets open on their end and the progress.
Escalation Tracker - record all tickets/chats where the manager was tagged.

Weekly Tasks
Update CS Roster sheet - Tab Weekly stats, copy from lt products sheet and share with team in scrum.
Follow up on FreshDesk tickets - Check with menu team and get updates on their open tickets as well tickets with all other statuses.
Swiggy QC sheet follow up - For all pending Swiggy QC tasks, follow up respective teams (enterprise, menu, retail, AMs etc)

Monthly Tasks
GoDaddy Domain Renewal Email - email to be sent on 1st of every month for all the domains renewal for that particular month. Follow-up by 3rd of every month in case of no response received from AM for renewal.
Update Team Performance Tracker - update stats for FreshChat, FreshDesk and Slack for the month.
Schedule 1:1s and provide feedback - Share feedback on Keka for your direct reportees, take them on call, discuss and share the expectations, highs and lows.


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