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5. Reporting

Reporting will be done in the following manner for both Slack + FC, unless otherwise mentioned:


Published everyday on #customersuccess at 9am, by the CS Operations Executive
Average FRT, agent-wise
Number of chats handled, agent-wise
Overall chats - Summary [Total received, Resolved, Raised, Pending]

In FC, average FRT for the day is already shown. Hence, figures are taken from Freshchat matrix. * Slack time is calculated and average is taken. Every statistics is in seconds, hence calculation is -
<x minutes * 60 + x seconds > =0*60+34


CS Lead to publish the same every week on Tuesday mornings
Team Analytics
Trend Analysis of Tickets - Last 3 weeks
Escalations Summary - Current & Previous Month
Summary of Coda additions [one-line changelog]
Agent Analytics
Weekly Median/ average FRT & FRT violations
Average Resolution Time [Only FC]
Average CSAT score received % and Average CSAT score [Only FC]
Escalations, agent-wise

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