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3. Daily SCRUM

3.1 Scrum Time & Involvement

One scrum a day with the entire team (Agents + Lead). Everyone who is not on their weekly offs is expected to join -
4:00pm - 4:30pm

3.2 Scrum Format

Each agent to highlight any chat/query that had one or more of the following attributes:
New issue/new branch of familiar issue → discuss and share knowledge, add to Coda if necessary
Chats pending resolution → identify gap and fix
Chats that were escalated → Check adherence to Escalation Matrix and resolve for gaps
Any agent who struggled on a particular ticket can raise the point of difficulty and the same can be discussed and resolved for by the team.
CS Ops Executive and/or Product Analyst can be invited to the Scrum if any particular knowledge sharing is felt necessary.

Once a week Discussion -
Sharing Week-on-week comparison of FC and Slack FRT + Response + Resolution time
Sharing Week-on-week Escalations , agent wise Gaps
Review of Coda
Listing of new Training topics
New projects that can make process better, like Freshchat Labels, canned msgs
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