4. SLAs and Escalations

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4.1 SLAs - Expected, Reporting & Violations

4.1.1 Expected SLA (FRT)

FRT should be < 5 minutes on both Freshchat and Slack [Median FRT to be considered]
Expected resolution time for normal queries = 15 minutes
Average CSAT score should be above 4 (Freshchat)

4.1.2 Violations

FRT Violation:
CS Lead intimates concerned CS agent of the FRT violations on a daily basis
Agent must provide valid reasons for all cases and the same has to be evaluated by the CS Lead
> 5 instances in a week with no/invalid reasons as qualified by the CS Lead will attract a warning.
A second occurrence of (c) could lead to initiation of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) if deemed necessary by the CS Lead.
CSAT Score Violation:
Currently, we will not be placing emphasis on Chats to CSAT Score received ratio.
Average CSAT score < 4
First instance (week) → Deep-dive by CS Lead into chats which were poorly rated by the customers → necessary remedy to be taken and gaps to be documented (where? setup the sheet)
Second consecutive instance →
If CSAT score declines by > .20 points → PIP
If CSAT score declines by < or equal to 0.20 points → Further deep-dive with daily CSAT check-in with the agent
Third consecutive instance → PIP

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